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What is TECH Surface?

Tech Surface is found on DiamondTech, Safety Tech, and SilverKnight Products

TECHSurface = Technologically Explored Ceramic Hard Surface. It is manufactured with a patented technology which makes the surface as hard as a stone but still flexible and easy to apply. The surface is 3 to 5 times stronger than conventional sheet vinyl and scratch resistant allowing you to use this product in many areas where you have not been able to use sheet vinyl. It also gives the floor an increased lifespan and cleaning of the floor is easy throughout the life of the floor.

Environmental Attributes of TECHSurface

  • Durability: Abrasion resistance is 3 to 5 times greater than that of conventional flooring. The result: A durable floor which will last, at minimum, 3 times that of a regular floor.
  • Benefits: Lower pollution, Less waste, Less energy used, No polluting effects of recycling.
  • Reduced Indoor Emission: The unique construction of TECHSurface results in life-long reduction of indoor
    air pollution.
  • No Wax: Periodic surface renewal is needless eliminating the effects of contaminating materials used.
  • No Harmful Materials: TECHSurface is metal and solvent free resulting in reduced global environmental
  • Dirt Repellent: Decreases the amount of cleaning agents needed resulting in less environmental pollution.


How does it work in DIAMONDTECH?

A TRUE no wax floor for the duration of its lifespan. DiamondTech is a strong, easy to clean, multiuse commercial sheet vinyl flooring with extra durability and hardness. With a scratch resistant and dirt repellent finish our DiamondTECH sheet vinyl is recommended for heavy duty commercial areas where cleanability is an issue. A cushion underlayment can be added to create an acoustical system or a high performance sports floor.  The abrasion resistance on DiamondTECH is far superior to the leading competitor whom at 12,000 cycles has pattern degration vs. DiamondTECH which exceeds 200,000 plus cycles with no pattern degradation.

How does it work in SAFETYTECH?

The majority of safety floorings today are constructed with hard particles embedded in their surface. This makes for an unsophisticated appearance. With SafetyTECH our aim was to develop a product that meets the performance issue but without any loss of freedom in design. SafetyTECH is an incredibly durable safety floor for areas where maximum anti-slip characteristics are important.  Due to it’s unique and attractive design, one can use SafetyTECH sheet vinyl in many areas where common safety floors have not been used. SafetyTECH is much easier to clean than conventional safety flooring and the anti-slip properties do not wash off or diminish with wear. Unlike traditional safety floors SafetyTECH is available in lighter colors because it is cleanable and recommended cleaning method is using a scrubbing machine.